Women are adult persons fully responsible for their own choices, right?

Shockingly, this isn’t the case anymore, as states may now ban abortion from conception onward if they don’t think forced childbirth implicates a woman’s right to equality and freedom… But it does. Fundamentally so.

As a childfree European woman, I stand with my U.S. sisters who have to endure such an ignominy. People who want to remain childfree for the rest of their lives must have the right to terminate a pregnancy.

As a radical feminist I fight for classic postulations every day—my body my choice being one of the most important demands.

In Europe too, right-wing forces gain popularity and one of their main goals is always more native kids—at all costs, and if they have to force every single woman to act as a baby incubator and nothing more—so be it! Who cares for the environment or for women’s self-fulfillment?

My online presence has a certain caption I use as background: Against abortion?—Have a vasectomy! As long as I live, I’ll fight for women’s rights—and the right to stay childfree is one of, if not the most crucial one I can imagine.

—Verena Brunschweiger, educator, activist, and author of Do Childfree People Have Better Sex? (Lantern Publishing & Media, 2022) and Fuck Porn

Do Childfree People Have Better Sex? book and Verena Brunschweiger